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Recreate the classic “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game in Elixir. The mechanics of the game are described below, or for more details see the Wikipedia link in our resources section.

r = rock
p = paper
s = scissors
rock: wins to scissors, loses with paper, a tie with rock.
paper: wins to rock, loses with scissors, a tie with paper.
scissors: wins to paper, loses with rock, a tie with scissors.


  • The user will input their choice as a String of 3 characters e.g. "rps"
  • The program will then output as a String of 3 characters "spr" and a result e.g. "Draw", "Win", "Lose"
  • The program will choose it’s response output randomly
  • Each individual input character will always output one of the three possibilites
  • If the user enters blank or any other character, then the program simply returns
  • The program should not be influenced by the user’s input, i.e. it should make it’s choice at random

For example:

iex> --enter your code here--

The solution that completes this puzzle with the shortest number of characters wins.

Submit your solution

Please submit your solution as a comment on the Github issue below, along with your Twitter handle (we will use this to link back to you if your solution is successful).



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